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RGIS Business Update: June 30, 2020

We're pleased to share that RGIS has successfully completed a private exchange offer, which gives the Company financial flexibility and a more manageable capital structure. With lower debt and interest payments, we can invest more of the cash we generate back into our business. 

We were able to consummate this agreement due to our partners' confidence in the future of our business. Although COVID-19 forced us to temporarily suspend most traditional inventory operations in March, we are back up and running nationwide. We have successfully completed thousands of events already. We are committed to providing the services and staff to help our customers get back to business as usual, with enhanced safety protocols in place. 

While we have new owners, there are no changes to how we do business at RGIS, nor to the senior management team. We have adequate financial resources to support our business needs and meet obligations to all of our stakeholders, including customers, employees, vendors and suppliers. We are confident that RGIS is well-positioned for sustainable, long-term success.


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